Here you can find the prices for my graphics.

NOTE: My graphic skills are improving day by day and the offers I get for the graphics I make are higher and higher every time I get a request. The prices may vary.

from 190 stardollars/1 medoll

from 210 stardollars/1 medoll

from 140 stardollars/1 banner (1 medoll per banner)

from 150 stardollars - standard pose (1 medoll)
from 180 stardollars - custom pose (1 medoll)

from 190 stardollars/1 medoll

from 150 stardollars (may vary according to request)

NOTE: Just because it's a banner or a small graphic, it doesn't mean the price must be lower. It's still a graphic and I don't spend less time on it. No matter if it's a header or a small banner, I still spend hours to make it look good + graphic designing isn't that easy.

Make sure you:

• let me know who is the model you want me to use (if it's someone else's medoll other than yours, make sure you have their permission).
• have the money that you need to pay.
• state the width and height of the graphic.
• (regarding banners) have the patience to wait until I finish. Making a set of 12 is going to take a while.

Any other details will be discussed in private.

Please consider the next things if you want to order a graphic:
• You need to have skype otherwise I'm not taking your order.
• You have to pay before I send you the graphic.
• I'll show you a preview of the graphic before sending the finished piece.
• It is better if you send me reference pictures rather than describing what you want.
• I accept the offers I find interesting.

After I finish a graphic, I post it on my graphics blog and as well on Graphic Vault. Unless you don't want me to post it anywhere (if it's for your magazine).

Order your graphics here: ORDER GRAPHICS
You can contact me on Stardoll: Doggy_Starpuppy
Add me on Skype: aliceinwonderIand

You can explore my blog for older graphics of mine as well as for new graphics.

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