Thursday, July 26, 2012

FASHION is opened now!

So FASHION is my new fashion blog which I've been working on this whole time. I've been working on the graphics but it turned out I posted only 2 of them.

One of the graphics was used as background and header and the other one just as a welcoming graphic.
So this first one turned out pretty good.

It's pretty large if in original size but I had to set it to x-large because it was way to big. What do you think about it? :D My most favorite thing is the MOE bag. I've also used a new hair technique :P

And this is the second graphic that I had used:

The medoll on this one was supposed to be my writer's banner but then I realized that if I'll be having a lot of writers, I'll have to make a banner for each and it was rather a pain in the neck :S So I stuck up with simple yet nice banners for each writer :)

And here is a graphic that was supposed to be Ashley's banner but then I changed my mind (read above).
So here it is:

I like the shorts very much ^^ but I think the hair turned out a little bit too ... puffy. But yeah I like the shorts very much (oh wait I said that already) and the skin. I used a kind of different technique here than before and I think it turned out quite good. Gonna stick up with it.

Well yeah ... Comment.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They are closed now!

So, the title kind of says what I'm posting about today ... I closed some of my projects, and those are FASHION magazine (ELLE magazine), CHANEL magazine, FAME Fashion Week and J.C. Couture.

The projects I own at the moment are FAME magazine and an upcoming fashion blog. I also write for TTT Fashion and Modeling and applied as writer for TSS.

Since this is my graphics blog, I'll post now a graphic.
This graphic was supposed to be used in the upcoming Issue of FASHION magazine (August Issue).

As you can see, this was supposed to be a page of FASHION magazine featuring ChuFu as a model.
I find it quite attractive :3 Even though many would say it's not nice at all.

Well, that's all for now :L

New Hair Technique

It's been a while since I posted something. Last time I posted was when I posted those graphics I've made for ELLE magazine (now FASHION).

So I've been following a tutorial and tried a new hair technique.
Here is the link to the tutorial:

And here is my version of the hair:

click to enlarge

It's not the best but yeah ... What do you think?
I've also been working on a graphic for COUNT Magazine but I can't post it here.
However, it's been used as a Spoiler and you can check it out here:

Well, feedback?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quick Graphic Updates!


ELLE magazine's first Issue is out but now I changed its name to FASHION Magazine.
Here are the graphics for the first Issue however.



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Graphic!

I've finished that thing I have posted before and I also finished another graphic on which I've been working for around 2 days now.

It's the Header for my brand new ELLE Magazine. I know there are quite a few ELLE Stardoll-based Magazines out there but I really think this name so I made one ^^

Back to the point. My new graphic:

click to enlarge

I like the graphic pretty much even though I could have worked a little bit more on the hair. But I like it like that anyways. 

Now I want to know your opinions.

Monday, July 2, 2012

FAME is on its way!


Anyways, right now I'm working on the graphics for FAME Magazine using a brand new technique. I decided to keep this blog updated (since I last posted on 4 June) by posting something I'm right now working on.

I have only the skin done so far but yeah, have a look!

click to enlarge

So yeah ... What do you think about it so far? :L