Saturday, April 14, 2012

Graphics I have done recently

Well yeah, as I have said earlier, I'll post a few of my graphics here, in one post. Leave feedback please.

So here is my very first EVER graphic:

It's not that much of a graphic as I only did the hair and I'm aware that it looks completely awful. But I did without a tablet so that can be considered as an excuse.

Moving on to the next one:

This hair was also done a long while ago and I used the hair and head for my current blogger profile picture. For some reason I can't post it here so yeah, check my profile to see it.

Moving to the next ones, which are sketches made with the tablet:

The first one is just a sketch and the next two ones are color sketches of the famous Versace Platforms. Yeah, I was rushing so they didn't turn out quite good but I like them anyway. What do you think?

Leave feedback in the comments section below.

EDIT: I'll post more graphics after I'm done with the Magazines.

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