Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Lady in Red

Well hello there folks once again.

I literally just finished a graphic and I thought I'd just share it with you. So I call this graphic The Lady in Red even though it's just a medoll in a short dress. So yeah, here it is:

click to enlarge

Well yeah, it's nothing special really. I would even say it's quite messy and I still need to work on my shading. However I think this graphic turned out quite well. I also used it on my J.C. Couture House of Fashion Spoiler and I think I'm going to release a collection soon enough.

Though I've been invited to contribute to Aura Assemblage by Sara (sarabear123) and she was quite nice so I accepted her offer. I'll be working on six graphics but I won't post them here until the collection will be released. There isn't a fixed date however.

I'm also planning on making a really complex graphic and that will take time so yeah ... At the moment I'm just getting ready for it.

Well yeah ... You can check my Spoiler here:

Have fun!

Thanks for your attention!

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