Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello folks!

So as you've noticed I took off the Summer 2012 FAME Magazine Spoiler and that's because I'm not more releasing a Summer Issue. But ... BUT there is going to be a Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Issue of FAME Magazine and I & my team already started working on this.

Guess how many members are in the team (including me)?
WRONG! We're 6 members including me. Ha ha! Loser!

Jokes. Well yeah anyways ... I've updates the FAME Magazine site a little by adding a new header. Here it is:

click to enlarge

Personally I like it a lot and I believe my graphic designing has improved a lot. I like it better than the old one:

click to enlarge

Yeah ... I was quite tired of yellow and now i'm much more into colors like pink and red ... And mint green. Mmm I love that color. Probably that's how my next header is going to look like. Early plans.

Well, which one do you like better?
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    1. Haha thank you ^^
      I guess I'm kind of improving ... slowly :L